Stick Out Your Tongue

OCB Israel invites artists of all kinds to stick out a tongue with OCB and win prizes.

Photographers, painters, sculptures and artists of all kinds are welcome to send us works that where made under the inspiration of the OCB mask. Every month in 2011 a panel of judges will choose one artist that will receive a prize of 1500 NIS ($450).

At the end of the year OCB will have another competition with a prize of 10,000 NIS ($3000).

How do you participate?

Send us your art work to with all necessary credits and your contact info (phone, email, address). In a short while you will receive a link to your published work.

If you need inspiration, you are invited to look at our gallery. Enjoy.

Clarification to artists and Participants: the winning art works will be chosen by the administration of OCB Israel, according to the values of the brand.

All participants must be over 18 years old.

*Attention: an artist can send more than one work, but can only win one monthly prize.


‎פוסטים קשורים
ביקור אצל סטודיו אדרבא ואדרבא – סטודיו לעיצוב גרפי וצילום בתל אביב ( 8 דצמ,2011 )
קריית התרבות של נס ציונה מחלקת לכם כרטיסים והנחות להצגות ( 20 פבר,2011 )
צמודים, צמידי הסיליקון שמשגעים את העולם! ( 27 פבר,2011 )
מוציאים לשון – OCB ( 17 פבר,2011 )
קסם השינוי – אימון אישי, דמיון מודרך, שיטת NLP ( 16 פבר,2011 )

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